Virtual Airlines

Why Lion Rock?

We have a dynamic flight operations in Lion Rock Aviation. Each of those is considered an airlines and has its own unique name and fleet. We offer relistic procedures and experience in we all understand that flight simulation is more than just gaming. It's about passion and sharing.

Systematic Flight Training

Lion Rock Aviation requires enthusiasts to develop competence in Flying. Therefore a systematic training programmes will be designed by Pilots who would like to enrich aviation knowledge/ prepare for the flight trainings. Our experienced flight simulation instructors is ready to guide you to start your virtual flight training in a safe and well-prepared before you proceeding to your flight training.


Airlines is more than just Massive Jets! Charter Flights in Lion Rock aviation allow pilots to ad hoc missions with our Charter fleet. From Humantarian operation missions to " Medical Support Mission" with fleet of Propeller/ Jets including Bush flying operations, waterplanes .etc. You are feel free to select any missions available, and extra credits will also be given to who loves to take challenges!


Being Airline Captain takes up a huge responsibility and our sustainability is realy on you! We are the first virtual airlines in Asia implementing real airlines criteria in controlling the On time performance and landing quality! It is a very good oppotunity to improve your flying skills and win some prizes from the company!